Ideas for creating a nickname in poker online

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There are some simple ideas that will help you create an interesting and unique name for playing poker. As a basis for nickname, you can take in any form your real name, surname or nickname. Various clarifications can be added to this basis:
Geography: in nickname, in addition to the name, you can use the name of the area where the player lives. An example of such nicknames can be: DmitryPiter or Max_s_Urala.
Year of birth, age or combination of numbers: you can add any combination of numbers to your name. At the same time, it can reflect both the year of birth, the real age, and just be a happy number for a person. Example: Alexandr88, Petrovich59, Annette_15.
Cards and their combinations: you can add the names of cards, poker combinations to your real name. Maybe this will bring good luck, although in most cases the loss and winnings may not depend on the specific cards. Example: MihaAA, SeregaStraight.
Profession or appeal: here it is better to use the surname as a basis. Example: Dr.Averbah, Mr.Protasov.
Also choosing a nickname can be used as a basis for other words or names:
literature, films, history: here you can choose the name of your favorite hero, the name of the work or movie.
music: you can use the name of your favorite song or the name of your favorite artist, the name of the group, and so on.
sport: you can specify your favorite team, the fans call, the name or nickname of the player, and so on. Example: MilanFun, SpartakTheBest, Marafonets.
Hobbies: DiverF1, Driver.
There are some more recommendations for choosing nickname for playing poker. So you should not choose catchy names that will be understood by foreigners. Nickname must be neutral, so that rivals do not pay attention to the player’s playing style. Names like “Mercedes_my_car”, “London_Paris”, “Splav_po_reke” will help your opponents to remember how a player plays poker, and thus they can more successfully counteract a player.
People who choose negative words as nickname (for example: looser, sheet, fuck, mudak, etc.) are difficult to understand. Why call a negative in your life? With such nicknames you will not meet good poker players, people with such nicknames do not win tournaments. It should also be remembered that it is unlikely that a well-known poker room will allow a person with such a negative nickname to represent him in the world.